Vpd Collective Agreement 2020

“If we look at the financial impact and budgetary impact of the pandemic, we may have to go back to all our tariff units and manage them,” Holmes said. “Our approach was to honour the good faith negotiations with which we negotiated at the negotiating table.” Wages for each year are not readily available, as collective agreements begin and end at different times. Due to the complexity of the negotiation process, the police often work beyond the end of a collective agreement. Quotes on this information are available to the public at the end of the section. I voted against the 2017-2020 collective agreement (up 8% over 4 years) in April 2019. My voice is not ideological. I am not automatically for or against unions. With this specific collective agreement, I felt that local economic conditions did not justify this wage increase. The Commission often has to balance competing values, and these are difficult discussions. This is particularly the case for discussions on union wages.

The Vancouver Police Union argued that the collective agreement in the nearby city of Delta was not a fair point of comparison. Instead, the union proposed to use Calgary and Edmonton. The police argued that Toronto and other Ontario police forces were better examples than Calgary and Edmonton. Referee Stan Lanyon works by motivating all arguments. He agreed with the union that Delta`s collective agreement was not a good comparator, as economic conditions and working conditions vary widely in Vancouver. But he disagreed with Calgary and Edmonton. In Lanyon`s 2014 and 2016 decision, he wrote that wages in Alberta were “too rich” for Vancouver and were not fair comparators because of Alberta`s unique provincial economy (at least at that time). From 2001 to 2015, wages in Alberta increased by 17.6% more than those in British Columbia. If the city and the police are unable to reach an agreement on the union plan, both parties can ask for conciliation. If mediation fails to resolve our disputes, each party may again escalate and request a binding arbitration procedure.

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