Simplii Financial Pre-Authorized Debit Agreement

And if Tangerine floats your financial boat, don`t change anything. I created automated payments for each of these cards with pre-authorized debits from my Simplii chequing account. Simplii Financial Services is the worst bank we`re dealing with. There, the customer service is horrible, they are rude and frankly, they don`t know much about what`s going on there. After several bad call experiences, I decided to close my account, so on Friday, October 9, 2020 at 2:24 p.m. I called Simplii and tlked to a manager whose name was Patrik , first, he was not a useful person, secondly, after I asked myself a lot of security questions, when I asked him to close my Acount and send me an email or confirmation document to be sure that my acount is closed , he told me that he could not give this, and despite my statement, he insisted that I had not opened a countdown with them, finally after 20 minutes of conversation, he understood that I had an acount with them. When I asked him to send me back to his superior, he told me that there was no superior than him and that I could not speak to another Eles. I recommend going otherwise where the Costomer service and managers are more helpful and friendly .simpliii is really size of your time Once I got my Tangerine Mastercard, I logged in (read more about this experience in a second) to pre-authorized debits from my Simplii chequing account, which I had as long as I can remember. Last June, when I did a review of our personal financial organization system, I decided to separate from Tangerine. In addition, Lastpass does not recognize the PIN code field as a password field. I need to enter it from the pass load, copy and paste in the field every time that eliminates some of the convenience of using a password manager.

Thank you FS for sharing with us. It`s a disappointing story. Please introduce yourself to inform us of Tangerine`s handling of this topic. Good luck with this topic. I`m syering about how stressful it must be. I had to fax documents. Have tried to send it for 2 days and called them to review it, but they are so quick to say my concern about firing, they can`t end anything without even trying. I called today and transferred to another department. The representative I was transferred to told me that he could not do anything because it was not his department, so I asked why I had been transferred to him, and he said, “I`m not sure you were transferred to me, I can`t do anything to finish with respect to your fax problem” and I hung it.

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