Marinus Link: Delivering low-cost, reliable and clean energy while stimulating jobs and investment in regional Tasmania and Victoria.

Stephen Clark Project Director, Project Marinus TasNetworks


Forecasting by the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) suggests the National Electricity Market needs 6 to 19 GW of new dispatchable resources including storage to backup over 26 GW of grid scale renewables coming online by 2040. Renewable generation and storage technology is now the lowest-cost per mega-watt hour option to construct – which is good news for customers and the planet. Additional interconnection capacity across Bass Strait in the form of Marinus Link and will enable delivery of low-cost, dispatchable and clean generation and storage that provide benefits to the entire National Electricity Market – working to make the best use of Tasmania and Victoria’s renewable energy resources.

Marinus will help to de carbonise the economy and stimulate jobs and investment in regional areas.  This includes significant direct investment and economic stimulus from Marinus Link in the Gippsland region of Victoria, as part of the region’s transition to new energy technologies, including an estimated 2,800 direct and indirect Jobs and 3.1 billion in economic stimulus to the Victorian and Tasmanian economies. Large infrastructure projects like Marinus Link and are needed to help drive the economy, offering a valuable opportunity to stimulate jobs and investment in these challenging times as the country recovers from the economic slow-down sparked by the global pandemic COVID-19.

Work on the design and approvals phase for Marinus Link is already seeing $ spent in local communities, with more to follow.  The projects can create billions in economic growth, thousands of jobs, and be a catalyst of skills development in the energy industry across Tasmania and regional Victoria. They will stimulate a pipeline of investment in renewable energy and long-duration energy storage for generations to come. In order to prepare for the huge number of renewable energy projects on the horizon, working with skills providers and industry peak bodies among other stakeholders is critical as work gets underway to prepare and activate the workforce, plan-in local content and provide lasting benefits to communities that deliver a positive impact from this ‘green resources boom’.

  • Understanding the critical role that Tasmania can play in the energy market transformation, working with resources in Vic, as part of the lowest cost solution for dispatchable, secure, clean energy.
  • Understanding the national and regional benefits from Marinus Link – including as part of the nation’s recovery from the COVID impacts.
  • Understanding the need for investment in interconnectors and transmission infrastructure for system resilience, managing future market reliability and potential challenges.
  • Discuss the challenges of building a 1500 MW under-sea and over-land interconnector and connecting it successfully into the Tasmanian and Victorian Power Systems.


As Project Director Stephen Clark’s role is to oversee the design and integration of Marinus Link into the power systems at each end. His team are also tasked with investigating the cost/benefit analysis of a 1500 MW second Bass Strait interconnector ‘Marinus Link’, that can play a significant role in Australia’s future electricity grid.

Stephen has +25 years experience in the energy industry. He has held executive roles in Asset Management, Power System Planning, Engineering and project delivery at Transgrid, AEMO and now TasNetworks where he is Project Director for Project Marinus. He is also a member of the AEMC reliability panel and a Director of CIGRE Australia

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