Energy market bid & dispatch under high renewables futures

2:00 – 4:00pm

Associate Professor Evan Franklin
University of Tasmania School of Engineering


This will be an interactive tutorial / workshop aimed at giving participants familiarisation with wholesale energy market bidding systems used for coordinated dispatch of generation, including under scenarios of high renewable generation and with locational effects and constrained interconnects. A brief introduction to the basic bidding and dispatch system (as used in the Australian NEM) will first be given, followed by a hands-on ‘game’ that will see groups of participants acting as ‘market players’ and competing for profit over a number of energy market dispatch intervals and system conditions.

Evan Franklin is an Associate Professor in the Centre for Renewable Energy and Power Systems in the School of Engineering and is Co-director of the Future Energy group at the University of Tasmania. Evan graduated with BE (Hons 1) from the University of Tasmania in 1996 and PhD from The Australian National University in 2006. He has authored over 95 journal papers, conference papers and patents, and brings unique insights from experience working in industry. His research interests include the integration of renewable energy generation into distribution networks and power systems, and the role of energy storage in future energy systems.

Evan has two young children who are both fans of board-games, and so Sunday afternoons are very often filled with game playing. Why should Sunday 29 November be any different… 😉

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