Business Associate Agreement De-Identification

De-identified information. Business Associate may identify all PIs created or received by Business Associate at any location under this Agreement and use all of this unidentified data in accordance with HIPAA de-identification requirements. Can a HEALTH Information Organization (HIO), which works as a business partner in a HIPAA covered unit, decrypt information and use it for its own purposes? Data aggregation. Business Associate has the right, for data aggregation purposes, to use, disclose and combine PHI created or received by Business Associate on behalf of Covered Entity by Business Associate pursuant to this agreement, with protected health information within the meaning of 45 C.F.R.R.160.103. to enable analysis of the health care data of the companies concerned, for which the “counterparts” and “covered companies” have the meaning given to them in 45 C.F.R. 160.103. (4) Application specifications: other requirements applicable to contracts and other agreements. (i) The contract or any other agreement between the covered entity and the counterparty may allow the counterparty to use, if necessary, the protected health information that the counterparty receives as a counterparty to the covered entity: What can the agreement of a hipaa health information organization (PHI) do for the health information it manages (PHI) on the network? (2) Implementation specifications: counterparty contracts. A contract between the covered entity and a counterparty must: where a counterparty agreement between a covered company and a contractor does not allow the holder to decipher protected health information, the counterparty agreement between the contractor and a subcontractor (and the agreement between the subcontractor and another subcontractor) does not allow the identification of protected health information. Such use may be permitted when carried out by the affected unit, but is not authorized by the contractor or subcontractor if the agreement between the insured company and the supplier does not permit it.

(45 C.F.R. 164.501, definition of health activities, enhancement). The use of similar terms by HHS (i.e. the “governance and general activities” of the covered company in relation to the “management” of the counterparty) indicates that the counterparty may use PHI for similar internal operations.

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