AEMO’s Integrated System Plan: producing a robust plan for Australia’s future electricity system

Nicola Falcon – Group Manager, Forecasting Australian Energy Market Operator


AEMO released its 2020 Integrated System Plan (ISP) in July, building on the success of the first Integrated System Plan that was endorsed by the COAG Energy Council in 2018. The work on the ISP was recognised by the International Energy Agency as an example for identifying the significant opportunity to optimise system planning through considering network, generation, distributed PV, electric vehicles as well as both distributed and utility-scale battery storage. The 2020 ISP built upon the first plan and identified opportunities for improvement and refinement, particularly through extensive engagement and consultation.

The ISP identifies investment choices and recommends essential actions to optimise consumer benefits as Australia experiences what is acknowledged to be the world’s fastest energy transition. Provided that the transmission investments are timely and kept at an efficient level, the combined supply and network investments proposed in the ISP are expected to deliver $11 billion in net benefits to the National Electricity Market (NEM) while also maintaining reliability and security of the power system. The ISP provides clear signposts for decision making as the future unfolds, helping to promote efficient and timely investment, even for long-lead time assets.

The key insights from the 2020 ISP will be shared, including potential pathways for development and a robust plan that minimises the cost of the NEM across a range of possible scenarios.


Nicola has over 20 years’ experience in the energy and environment sectors and has managed assignments in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Africa and North America.

As Group Manager of Forecasting at the Australian Energy Market Operator, Nicola leads teams that assess future electricity and gas demand and supply needs, provide insights to facilitate market responses, and undertake economic analysis to assess benefits of transmission in the National Electricity Market.

Nicola’s team is responsible for delivering the Gas Statement of Opportunities, and Electricity Statement of Opportunities, and jointly with AEMO’s Planning team, produces AEMO’s Integrated System Plan.

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