AUPEC 2020 supported by the Tasmanian Government


Working in collaboration with Australian universities and academics and our 19 member organisations, we are leading the development of the Australian power sector’s workforce with programs that ensure:

A sustainable supply of skilled and diverse power engineering graduates to the energy industry,

A strong power engineering education platform, and

Increased capability for innovation and collaboration in the Australia power sector

Hydro Tasmania is Australia’s largest generator of renewable energy. Through Battery of the Nation, we can play a key part in the future security, affordability and stability of Australia’s electricity grid as it transitions to more variable renewable energy. We stand ready to help create an energy future that’s clean, reliable and affordable.

TasNetworks is progressing Marinus link and the supporting North West Tasmanian Transmission Developments to support Australia’s continuing transition to a clean energy future. Together they will create billions in economic growth, thousands of jobs, and be a source of skills, training and workforce development in regional Tasmania and Victoria.



About the Association

AUPEC is the premier conference in power engineering in Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia. This conference provides a forum for both university and industry researchers and experts in power engineering to discuss and share ideas, present results, reflect on past experiences and discuss future projects.

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